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How Does Bail Work?

When a loved one finds themselves needing to be bailed out, it can get quite confusing. There’s a lot of details that need careful attention in a very short amount of time. Regan Bail Bonds understands that this process is confusing for those that aren’t familiar with the court system– they’re even confusing to those with experience in the courts!


When someone is arrested in the state of Washington, they will generally be taken to the local law enforcement agency for booking before they are incarcerated at either a station cell or the county jail. Once a defendant has been arrested and booked into the system, they have a few different options concerning release pending the conclusion of their case. Bail has been designed to guarantee the appearance of a defendant in court at the time required by the judge.


Bail Options for Someone Who Has Been Arrested

The three basic release options for the state of Washington are as follows:


Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are a basic alternative to ‘cash bail.’ It includes a process that involves a contractual undertaking of the bond that guarantees it by an insurance agency that has adequate assets to satisfy the face value of the defendant’s bond. Your bail bondsman guarantees to the court that the bond forfeiture will be paid if a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court date. The guarantee involves a bail bondsman promising assets from an agreement with a surety company or by pledging property/assets owned by the bail bondsman.


When utilizing this service, the defendant or their family is generally charged 10% of the Washington State bail bond and must speak to a bail bondsman prior to the posting of the surety bond. Contact Regan Bail toll free at 1-888-787-2245, 24 hours a day and we will schedule an interview or an appointment immediately.


Collateral offered, along with the involvement of the defendant’s family provides the bail bondsman confidence that a defendant that has been released on a surety bond will appear at every court appearance. After the contractual details have been worked out and agreed upon, the bail bondsman will post a bond for the full amount of bail, financially guaranteeing to the courts that the defendant will return to court.


If a defendant misses a court date, the bail bondsman has time and a financial incentive to find the defendant and bring them before the court.


How Does Cash Bail Work?


Cash bail means that someone must give the court or jail the entire amount of the bail in cash. This cash will be held by the court until the defendant appears at all of their court appearances and the case is concluded. Full cash bail bonds give the defendant a powerful incentive to meet all of their obligations to the court. If the defendant appears at all court dates, the money should be returned by the courts in full.


Release on Personal Recognizance


This is another method of release of defendant pending trial and serves as a pre-trial release program that is administered by the county or a law enforcement agency. These programs interview defendants that are in custody and then make recommendations on releasing of individuals on their personal recognizance to the courts. What this means is that there isn’t financial security ensuring the defendant’s return.


The interview process in this program is generally conducted by phone with little inquiry into the defendant’s background and attempts to determine whether the defendant is likely to appear in court or not. This process involves little to no verification of information that is provided by the defendant and since no money, property, or bond has been posted to secure the defendant’s appearance in court, they face no personal or economic hardship when they choose to not appear in court.
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